This guesthouse has won an award for being run on ‘green ‘principles. There is a solar water-heating system, the house is insulated to the highest standards and every opportunity is taken to recycle and make best use of resources. Huntingtower Lodge shows you can do environmental-friendly with comfort and style.

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Our Green Policy

We currently hold Green Leader Gold status from Trip Advisor. Our aim is to provide 4 star accommodation whilst taking into account our ‘Green’ concerns.


  • We buy in bulk to reduce packaging.
  • To reduce the use of chemicals we use e-cloths and Eco-friendly cleaning and dishwashing products.
  • Bathroom products are locally made by the Highland Soap Company from organic ingredients. The products are GM free and free from SLS, SLES and Paraben preservatives.
  • Washing is done using low temperature wash cycles and phosphate free detergent. We have a ‘Pulley Maid’ for drying sheets, napkins and cloths
  • To reduce water usage toilets are dual flush and there are no baths at Huntingtower. The taps on the basins have aerators.
  • Some of the food we serve is made here at Huntingtower. To reduce food miles we serve locally sourced, Scottish or British food whenever possible.
  • On the hospitality trays we use jars for the Fairtrade tea, sugar and coffee which are bought in bulk. We provide home-made biscuits. The fresh milk is provided in a jug rather than pre-packed long life milk.
  • Our free-range eggs are bought from a small local producer.


  • We have installed a wood burning stove in the lounge to reduce the use of oil – the heat from the stove keeps the lounge and public areas warm. The wood fuel for the stove comes from the woodland behind the house.
  • Wherever possible we use low energy or low voltage light bulbs - we have recently replaced our 50W downlighter bulbs with 4W LED bulbs.
  • The heating and hot water systems are controlled by timer, the heating system is zoned and thermostatically controlled and all radiators have thermostatic valves. When rooms are not in use the radiators are turned to the frost protect setting.
  • When replacing white goods we aim to replace with ‘A’ rated products, fridges and TVs in guest rooms are turned off when the room is not in use.
  • Our high efficiency boiler is serviced regularly.
  • Our car was bought second hand, it has to be a big car as we transport guests and their luggage, and it allows us to bulk buy on shopping trips but it does +50MPG.
  • We encourage the use of public transport by providing lifts to and from the station and offering garaging facilities for bikes and cycles.

Recycling and waste reduction

  • We recycle the following waste at the Fort William re-cycling centre; glass, cardboard, paper, plastic (PET1 and HDPE2), plastic bottle tops, aluminium and metal cans, tetrapaks, batteries, light bulbs, electrical goods, furniture, fabric and clothes. Bins are provided outside for guests to recycle their own rubbish.
  • We donate items to local charity shops whenever possible.
  • At breakfast to save food waste we prepare food to order.
  • Where appropriate waste food is fed to the birds or composted.
  • We use email as much as possible but when paper is used it is recycled.
  • We do not produce fliers and our business cards are recycled card.
  • The tablemats are made from recycled plastic coffee cups and coasters in the bedrooms are made of glass or slate.

The garden

  • We own 6 acres of woodland behind the house. The majority of this is a SSSI.
  • We maintain the garden primarily for the benefit of the local wildlife. Most of the grass is left uncut and as a result many other plant species are appearing and a wide range of insects can be observed. This in turn has attracted birds, amphibians and mammals to the garden.
  • We feed the birds,red squirrels, pine martens, voles and field mice at feeding stations around Huntingtower and provide nest boxes in the garden.
  • A nest box for Tawny Owls has been established in the woods behind the garden.
  • We keep a list of recent wildlife sightings in the hall for our guests interest.
  • We have a pond behind the house to encourage more species to visit the garden.


  • We are members of and support the Scottish Wildlife Trust which protects wild places. In addition we are members of the Lochaber Environmental Group. As keen nature lovers we enjoy fostering guest’s interest in the local wildlife by providing encouragement, books and binoculars.

What next?

  • Improve access to our hillside.
  • Increase the number and variety of nest boxes to include boxes for swallows, sparrows and bats.
  • Grow more fruit and vegetables.
  • Investigate alternative energy sources.